Export Tariff

In April 2010 the UK government launched the Feed In Tariff incentive which led to an increase in the number of hydropower schemes being installed in the UK. Unfortunately the Feed In Tariff scheme was closed to new hydropower projects on 31st March 2019. Income from future micro hydropower schemes is limited to the sale of exported units of electricity. It is possible to negotiate contracts for exported electricity. These are known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Usually these are negotiated by the hydropower scheme owner every year, or every two years, with energy suppliers. Typical rates for export are 6p/kWh to 8p/kWh.

It's generally necessary to have export meters in place which log the export every half hour (half hourly metering). For smaller schemes (below 30kW) it can be possible to negotiate PPAs with a standard meter i.e. one which doesn't have data logging capabilities and this can keep meter purchase or rental prices down.

A 15Kw turbine
A 15 kilowatt turbine like this, using 78 litres per second with 32m of fall, produces about 72,000 units of electricity per year.

A 15Kw turbine
In total this 75kW scheme cost about £140k to install including the groundworks, power house and intake construction.

A 15Kw turbine
This 90kW scheme generates about 380,000kWh per year and cost in the region of £220k to install.


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